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PC Security Setup

Security on the internet is becoming a bigger and bigger issue lately. Here are some of my recommendations for staying safe.

1) Protection against malware:
This is the first step in security. This ensures your machine isn't hijacked with keyloggers/webtracking/etc making all other protection useless.

2) Browser Security:
With the amount of garbage going around the internet proper browser security is essential.

2.1) Firefox Plugins for security-
Here are the list of firefox add-ons I use for protection everyday. For the most part these are considered n00b friendly and will not interfere with everyday use.

3) Stop your Local PC from spying on you:

This section is also referred to as "Anti-Forensics" This is for the super-paranoid/shared-family-pc users

4) Encrypt your wireless networks

Not much to say on this subject, but unless you want anyone sitting around your house to have access to all of your non-HTTPS encrypted traffic secure your wireless router with WPA2 AES encryption if possible.

DD-WRT firmware is available for most linksys routers and is highly recomended.

5) P2P download programs

This is mostly going to focus on torrents seeing it is the most common download method nowadays.

6) Change your DNS Server

Some ISPs have been known to hijack DNS requests. This scares the crap out of me, who knows what else there doing or logging. When setting up your router I always recommend using alternate DNS. Here are a list of the common ones:

Google DNS

Level3 DNS

7) Change your browsing habits

Even after following all of the steps above sites will still log your every click.

If you have done all of the tips above but are still concerned with your privacy use torbutton along with TOR. Onion routing with all the options above will give you pretty rocksolid security/anonymity



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