About Trevor Eckhart

Trevor Eckhart from Westfield is a Solutions Developer / Security Guru / Systems Administrator / Privacy Advocate with over 15 years of experience.

Proficient in: Java & Android Development, NodeJS/NodeRed, .NET Framework (C#/VisualBasic), Web Development (ExtJS/Javascript/CSS/whatever’s in style), and various other reporting technologies (Crystal/FastReports/etc)

Databases – MSSQL, Postgres, Snowflake, Mongo
Platforms– Android, Microsoft Server, Linux (debian/redhat/freeBSD)

Owner – Android-Security-Test
Co-Owner- Android-Wifi-Tether
Contributor- Pdroid-Touchwiz-Port
Past Githubs- @TrevE

Security Research:
CarrierIQ: Video Demonstration

HTC Security Exploits:
HTCLoggers: Video Demonstration / FDroid Exploit:Android/HtcLoggers.A
HTCEvo 4G Wimax: Reprogramming Wimax Video POC

LinkedIn: trevoreckhart
Microsoft Certified Professional #E778-4848
Amateur Radio Technician– KC1BLY
Restricted Radiotelephone Operator– RR00101837
SSI Open Water Diver– C-Card:VN.352649/287617
Eagle Scout From Troop #4 in Connecticut
FEMA IS Training “Core 4” Certified